Underground  Photography
Warning .. if you experience motion sickness, are pregnant, or have back problems - view this picture at your own risk. A couple weeks ago I took a picture of two of my kids on the tea cups using a flash. I wanted the blur of the motion behind us but in my previous attempts I couldn't freeze them. With the flash I was able to freeze them but because it was a slightly slower shutter it created ghosting. I then saw a video with Joe McNally where he was taking a picture of a girl jumping toward light. He mentioned (warning photo geek alert) that by using the flash on the 2nd curtain setting, he could get a clear shot at the end of the picture as the flash fires just before the shutter closes. So last night I wanted to try the same picture with the flash on the 2nd shutter setting. I am pretty happy with the image. There is still a little blur in her hair but remember, we're both moving.

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