Underground  Photography
So with this blog entry, Underground Photography's new website is officially launched. I am going to try to do a picture a day post at least and then maybe a poll once a week to see which photo that week was the most popular. I should have enough pictures to fill a whole year! Of course it's never the pictures that is the problem. It's the time. Since this is the first blog entry, I'll post a picture. I was sitting in the car waiting for dinner (take out) and I saw a HUGE full moon. I thought what a great chance to try and get a shot. I have tried in the past but could never seem to get a clear enough picture. Here is what I came up with. I took this shot at 1/100th at ISO 100. Unfortunately my lens only goes to 135mm so this was as big as I could get but I've never gotten such detail in a moon shot before.

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