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Canon 7D
This Christmas my amazing wife bought me the Canon 7D. After about a month and a couple thousand pictures, all I can say is WOW! The ability this camera has to take pictures in low light blows away my previous camera. It also has full 1080p HD video capabilities which I haven't even begun to dive into. Even though its not "the camera" that makes the photographer (some of the pictures on the site were taken with a "non professional" Canon XTi) it sure doesn't hurt to have professional grade equipment. I can't wait to use it for a wedding in February with Capra Sano Media as well as a desert High Fashion shoot w/ Gavin Wade Photographers. I'm looking forward to making 2011 our year.  :D 

1/24/2011 05:29:58 am

I think this is an amazing picture -- almost feels like you can see the curve of the earth's landscape! Was this the picture you were taking when we got stuck in the ditch?:)


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